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Artists RAVE about Christopher's seminars and career ideas!

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"I tell ya what ... This series has definitely focused my AIM. Stay on the path and actually do what Christopher says and you will get an upper hand on other bands. The rest is up to you! Thanks for all the info Christopher. I feel as if we have stopped aimlessly spinning and actually have a direction to start making up ground. Big Things to come!" 

- Old Salt Union

To be held online on the Indie Music Channel

​Date:  To be announced soon

Indie Music Channel Artist Summit
Hosted by
Indie Music Channel Founder
Christopher Ewing

Some of the topics to be covered:

 "You've Got Great Music.  Now What?"
You've got great music and you know it.  Now what?
In the summit you will learn effective ways to promote yourself and your music 
and get your music heard!

 "How to Market Yourself, Get Publicity and Grow Your Fan Base"
Not only is it all "who you know", it's about "who knows you"!  
Learn creative ways to grow your fan base, and even make a living solely from your music!

 "Ways to Fund Your Music, Music Videos, Tour and more!"
You've got tons of great songs, but need the finances to record them all.  
You will learn creative, cost effective ways on how to get in the studio 
and get your music recorded and your video shot on any size budget!

"Record Deal or No Record Deal?"
For years it has always been about getting a record deal.  
Today, the option is yours.  Some indie artists are reconsidering conventional wisdom 
by choosing not to get a record deal.  We will explore the pros and cons 
and find the right choice for you and your music career.

"How to Conduct Effective Press Interviews"
So you see other artists on TV shows or doing radio interviews and think to yourself
"my music is just as good as theirs!  I should be on that TV or radio show!"  
You're right, you should be.  During this workshop, you will learn insider methods on how to get booked on radio and TV shows.  TV and Radio interviews are free publicity!  
Get yourself noticed and turn that new found media attention into record sales!

"One-on-One" Strategy Sessions
Each person participating in the summit will have a career strategy profile already developed personally by Christopher prior to the summit.  During the private one-on-one session, Christopher will meet privately with each artist and share with them his ideas for their career, as well as work together with them in mapping out a career strategy for their music career, 
with detailed specific steps, contact info and more.  Artist will also get necessary forms, 
legal contracts, etc. that they will need when booking gigs, signing band members, collaborating on songs with others writers and more.


"Hey, guys! Just a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying the career building series here. There is a lot of valuable information packed into this that will take you as far as you want to go with your music career... This is a solid investment for your music career!" 

- Paul Hieser Music

“How can I find a sponsor for my upcoming CD?”    

“How can I build my fan base?”    “How can I get more publicity for my music?” 

“What do radio stations look for?”    “How can I make more money off of my music?”

"I've got a great CD, but I feel like I keep running into a brick wall!  
How do I get my music career to the next level?"


"Hey Chris!!! This was an excellent Seminar!!!!! I really learned a lot!!!!! There were really great ideas!!!!!!" 

- SharBaby

This unique seminar is specifically designed to help 
all Indie Music Channel artists get their careers to the next level!

Seminar Includes:

- A complete marketing conference dedicated to giving you proven,
effective career strategies

- A personal one-on-one consultation specifically tailored to you and your music career goals

If you have ever asked any of these questions, then the 

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"Thanks Christopher, Your site has a lot of useful information delivered in a way that musicians at all levels can use and benefit.

The information is more than worth the subscription." 
- James Johnson