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"I tell ya what ... This series has definitely focused my AIM. Stay on the path and actually do what Christopher says and you will get an upper hand on other bands. The rest is up to you! Thanks for all the info Christopher. I feel as if we have stopped aimlessly spinning and actually have a direction to start making up ground. Big Things to come!" 

- Old Salt Union

Indie Music Channel Online Summit
Hosted by
Indie Music Channel President/Founder
Christopher Ewing

"Hey, guys! Just a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying the career building series here. There is a lot of valuable information packed into this that will take you as far as you want to go with your music career... This is a solid investment for your music career!" 

- Paul Hieser Music

“How can I find a sponsor for my upcoming CD?”    

“How can I build my fan base?”    “How can I get more publicity for my music?” 

“What do radio stations look for?”    “How can I make more money off of my music?”

"I've got a great CD, but I feel like I keep running into a brick wall!  
How do I get my music career to the next level?"


"Hey Chris!!! This was an excellent Seminar!!!!! I really learned a lot!!!!! There were really great ideas!!!!!!" 

- SharBaby

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Held online via Zoom, this unique seminar is specifically designed to help 
all Indie Music Channel artists take their careers to the next level!

Summit topics Includes:

- A complete marketing conference dedicated to giving you proven,
effective strategies to help you get ahead in your music career!

- A personal one-on-one consultation specifically tailored to you and your music career goals!

- If you have been nominated or won an Indie Music Channel Award, what is the best way to promote and capitalize on your achievement?

- Learn numerous tips as to how to take your career to the next level!

​If you missed out on participating in the Indie Artist Summit during the 2023 IMC Awards,

then here's another chance to get in on it!

If you have ever asked any of these questions, then the 

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The Online Summit is done in session groups.  

​There are multiple session times available to choose the time that is best for you!

As a participant, you will receive tons of helpful information on how to promote yourself and your music!

If you are an artist who is serious about getting ahead in your music career,
then you want to take part in this online summit!

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"Thanks Christopher, Your site has a lot of useful information delivered in a way that musicians at all levels can use and benefit.

The information is more than worth the subscription." 
- James Johnson