By Request - For a Limited Time Only 

"Hi, Christopher  - I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your time and insight with me today.  You taught me things I didn't know and I am so grateful for the consultation and mentoring.
You inspire me.   Best, Shauni"
Shauni Williams,

For a limited time, have your song(s) personally evaluated by
Indie Music Channel President & Founder, 
Christopher Ewing, host of the popular TV show, "Indie Music Cafe"! 

Demo Evaluation Service includes:
- An official Indie Music Channel written evaluation/review of your song, 
including overall structure, lyrics, instrumentation and more!
Advice on how to best market your song(s) to radio, record labels and the public.  
- A personal 15-minute, "one-on-one", phone consultation with Mr. Ewing,
where he can offer you some additional ideas as to how to market yourself and your music!

Song evaluation/consultation cost: 
Just $35.00 per song

This is for a limited time only, so sign-up for your Demo Evaluation 
and "One-on-One" consultation today!

 To get started, "Click Here"

 So you just wrote an awesome sample track that sounds great
and you want some tips on what else it might need.

 Or maybe you are about to go into the studio to record and you want to get a second opinion
on some of your tracks before you start clocking up expensive studio time. 

 Or maybe you just came out of the studio and now you need a music review for your press kit,
 as well as some marketing tips on how to get your new songs out there.

The Indie Music Channel Demo Evaluation Program is for you!