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Stone White

Alhambra, CA

Album: "Groove Thang"  (Pop)

Songs to be judged:

Groove Thang, Get On Down, Higher Ground, Feel The Fire, By My Side, Everybody Is Loved By Somebody, Angels Don't Let Me Down, Where Will You Stand

Producers: Stone White, Larry Marrs

Sam Hankins
Los Angeles, CA
Album: "Lets Make A Change" (Jazz)
Songs to be judged:
1. Miss it Again 2. Carol's Dream 3. Hit Command 4. Lets Make a Change 5. For the Love of You 6. I Can 7. Hot Spot 8. Something 9. Ivory Coast 10. Get Up 11. Falling Moon 12. One And The Same
Producer:  Sam Hankins

Mariel Morgan
Lubbock, TX

Album: "Mariel" (Pop)
Songs to be judged:
Am I Crazy, Cover Me, Everything, Dear Anna
Producer: Mariel Morgan

Andy Michaels
Perth, WA, Australia
Album: "Incendiary Heart" (Pop)
Songs to be judged:
Darling it Hurts, Only Love Knows The Meaning of Goodbye, Incendiary Heart, Rambling Man, Humming Bird, Only Change Stays the Same, Night and Day, Planet 8
Producers:  Andy Court and Andy Michaels

Danaë Vlasse (composer), Hila Plitmann & Sangeeta Kaur (sopranos),

Robert Thies (piano), John Walz (cello)
Winnetka, CA
Album: "Poème" (Classical)
Songs to be judged:  2) Demain 3) Barbara 4) Nocturne #4 “Nocturne Pour Nelson” 5) Un Lendemain 6) La Mer 7) Fantaisie #2 “Swansong” 8) Rêverie 9) Sérénade de Verlaine

Song Lyrics/Poetry and Translations are available here: 
Producer:  Danaë Xanthe Vlasse

Chad Carrier
Palos Verdes, CA
Album: "Legend" (Alternative/Folk)
Songs to be judged: Devil Or Angel Chelsea Jeanne Pete Spratt’s Tavern Stop What Your Doing Life Goes On Legend Dexter Everything
Producers:  Chad Carrier and Paul Roessler

Blind Lemon Jazz
San Francisco, CA
"After Hours" (Jazz)
Songs to be judged: "After Hours", "If Beale Street Was a Woman", "Rich People in Love", "Bobbi's Blues", "Moon Over Memphis", "Ketchup Spaghetti", "Buddy Bolden's Song", "Lights Out"
Producer: James Byfield

Martha Reich
Santa Fe, NM
Album: "Brave Bird"  (Folk)
Songs to be judged: 1. If You Only Knew 2. Fade Away 3. So Brave 4. The River 5. I'd Rather Be Surprised 6. The River (Instrumental) 7. Over The Rainbow
Producer: Martha Reich

Cecil Parker
Philadelphia, PA

Album: "UhoH" (R&B)
Songs to be judged:  Bring it('20 mix), I Do, Another Level, UhoH, Cause God Is, Wish For Us, I Tried,

Wit U(sick mix)
Producer: Cecil Jerome Parker