Album: “Franz Liszt: Rhapsodies, Études and Transcriptions” (Classical)
Artist: Sophia Agranovich
Producer: Joe DeVico

Songs:  Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 in D-flat Major Hungarian Rhapsody No. 13 in A minor Ständchen (“Serenade”) after Schubert Erlkönig (“Elf King”) after Schubert Die Forelle (“The Trout”) after Schubert Transcendental Étude "Ricordanza" Transcendental Étude "Mazeppa"

Album: Shamanic Journey (New Age)
Artist: Grayhawk
Producer: Grayhawk

Songs: A Tutu Pele Goddess (Remastered) Echoes of Lemuria (Remastered) Shaman Journey (Remastered) Shamanic Journey (Continuous Mix)

Album: Goodbye Crossroads (Alternative)
Artist: Ricky Persaud, Jr.
Producer: Ricky Persaud, Jr.

Songs: 1. Ricky Reggaeton 2. Equality 3. Fake Friends 4. My Room 5. Goodbye Crossroads 6. Final Exam 7. Don't Be Down 8. The Storm

Album: “Candela” (World Music)
Artist: Orchestra Fuego
Producer: Marcus Hernandez

Songs: Candela Con Ella Quiero Bailar Ft. Jose Alberto “El Canario” Vuelve Lentamente Poco A Poco Tenerte En Mi Vida Quimbara-Remix Sabor With Love Way Maker

Album: Traveling the Blissful Highway (New Age)
Artist: Darlene Koldenhoven
Producer: Darlene Koldenhoven

Songs:  Cheerful Mohana, Time Traveler, Jade Dreams, Gentle Soul, Dot Calm, Tropical Chill, Native Star, Blissful Highway

Album: "Chasing Horizons" (Instrumental)
Artist:  Russ Hewitt
Producer:  Bob Parr

Songs:  1 Allende 2 Chasing Horizon (feat. Nuno Bettencourt) 3 Vivir Libre (feat. Marty Friedman) 4 Amor Perdido (feat. Bucharest All-Star Orchestra) 5 Luminous 6 Subset Samba (feat. Jorge Strunz) 7 Cubalia Café (feat. Ardeshir Farah) 8 Return to Simitai (feat. Tri Nguyen)

Album: "Back To Love" (Folk)
Artist: Amanda Abizaid
Producers: Amanda Abizaid, Lindsay Gillis

Songs: Take Me, Please Don't Forget Me, Follow Me Back To Love, With Your Love, When I Walk Away, Creep, With Your Love - Arabic Version

Album: “God’s Dream For Me” (Contemporary Christian)
Artist: Amy McAllister
Producer: Justine Blazer

Songs: God Dreams For Me Love Somebody Hard To Love Magic's In You Ignite Some Diamonds Don't Sparkle

Album: “A Touched Heart” (Contemporary Christian)
Artist: Jean Pittman
Producer: Cliff Davies (deceased)

Songs: 01. Lord of All 02. In Gethsemane 03. A Touched Heart 04. Tranquil Sea 05. Heart For The Children 06. Think On These Things 07. Praise The Lord 08. Bride To Be

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