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Album of the Year Nominees

Album: “Know You're Enough” (Americana)
Artist: Helen O’Shea
Producer: Marc Swersky

Songs to be judged:
1 Hey Darlin' 2 Prinetime 3 Someone Is Waiting 4 Only One 5 Stay Here Now w/ Lauren O'Shea 6 Cover Me Up w/ Mike Montrey

Album: "Aurora" (New Age)

Artist: Sangeeta Kaur

Producers: Shridhar Solanki, Sangeeta Kaur, Duy Tran, Van Anh Nguyen, Mark Olsen
Songs to be judged:
All Love, Starlight, To Love You, Manjushri Mantra, Love Ignites, Aurora, Distant Shores, Flashback​

Album: "Hatey" (Alternative)

Artist: Chris Reed and the Anime Raiders
Producer: Chris Reed

Songs to be judged:

1) I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass - American Kristallnacht 2) Woke AF minus F 3) Elusive Green 4) Ordinary Life

Album: "An Adoption Story" (Classical)

Artist: Kitt Wakeley
Producers: Kitt Wakeley, Starr Parodi & Jeff Fair

Songs to be judged:

Sacred, The Storm, St. Christopher's Journey, No Apologies, Asa

Album: "Bring Another Wind to Me, Lord" (Contemporary Christian)

Artist: Jean Pittman

Producer: Eric Winbush

Songs to be judged:
1. Bring Another Wind to Me, Lord 2. Shipwrecked 3. His Message in a Bottle by the Sea 4. The Lantern by the Sea 5. A Strong Sailboat 6. Anchor of Hope 7. Two Rainbows in the Sky 8. His Seasons​

Album: "Alright" (Jazz)

Artist: Sam Hankins

Producer: Sam Hankins
Songs to be judged:
1. Hindsight 2. Jammin 3. ALRIGHT 4. Why Not 5. Hold On 6. You Don't Say 7. Ladies Night 8. Rise to the Groove

Album: "Winter Wishes" (Easy Listening)

Artist: Mark Barnes

Producer: Mark Barnes
Winter Sky, The Snow Globe, Chilled Out, Snow Angel, Solstice, Winter Wishes, Rhapsody in Winter, Aurora

Album: "Time" (Rock)

Artist: Maryann Stefanik

Producer: Maryann Stefanik & Mark Barnes

Songs to be judged:

Sharpen Your Knives, Every Time I Think Of You, House of the Rising Sun, The Outsider, Picture Perfect (Live)

Album: "Traveling the Blissful Highway" (Instrumental)

Artist: Darlene Koldenhoven

Producer: Darlene Koldenhoven
Songs to be judged:
Cheerful Mohana, Jade Dreams, Gentle Soul, Birds in Paradise, Tropical Chill, Osmium Glow, Native Star, Highland Mist

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