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SKärholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Album: "Dare To Be Happy" (Rock)

Producer: Marina Ammouri
1. Fill Your Heart with Love, 2. Monster Of Your Own Creation, 3. Starlight-Metal Version, 4. Dare to Be Happy, 5. Manipulation, 6. Bad Illusion, 7. Not Anymore, 8. More Than Everything

Big Mess
Palos Verdes, CA

Album: "I Am American" (Alternative)
Producers:  Chad Carrier and Jeff Moleski
Whisky Dick, Tickin In My Head, DMV, I Won't Take It, I Am American, Jesus Made Me Pretty, Dawg Gone Fine, Sedated, Beat Down

Kathryn Cloward
San Diego, CA

Album: "Ripple Love" (Country)

Producer: Jeff Berkley
Ripple Love Dark Cloud Honesty What I'm Here to Do You Inspire Me I Held His Hand Forever Warrior Woman She Flew

Kathryn the Grape
San Diego, CA

Album: "We're All In This Together" (Childrens)
Producer: Jeff Berkley
We're All In This Together I Am Happy Being Me M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Shine Shine Shine Free Free Free to Fly Nervous Bubbles Just Be In The Flow Loving Kindness

Tre Principesse
Green Bay, WI

Album: "Tre Principesse ~ Getting To Know You " (Classical)
Producers:   Marc Golde/Rock Garden Studio,  Stacy Hogan/A Writers Paradise
L' Amore Che Ho /The Power Of Love Amigos Para Siempre I'll Get Over You The Prayer Unexpected Song Always On My Mind Broadway Medley Carrickfergus 

Danae Xanthe Vlasse
Winnetka, CA
Album: "Trilogies" (Classical)
Producer:  Danaë Xanthe Vlasse
Fantaisie #1 "Night Without Sleep" Fantaisie #2 "Swansong" Fantaisie #3 "Elegie" Nocturne #1 Nocturne #2 Prelude #1 Prelude #2 Prelude #3

Blind Lemon Pledge
San Francisco, CA
Album: "Evangeline" (Blues)

Producer:  James Byfield

01 Buley’s Farm 02 Brimstone Joe 03 Midnight Assignation 04 Go Jump the Willie 05 Ham and Eggs 06 How Can I Love You 07 You Had Me at Goodbye 08 Evangeline 

Odessa, MO
Album: "STEPPING STONe" (Easy Listening)

Producer:  Ahwatukee Productions
In Me a Reflection, Oh Grandfather I Call, Hear Them, Red Bird Gets Color, Listen to the Dark, Reaching 2043

Tania Stavreva
New York, NY

Album: "Rhythmic Movement" (Classical)
Producer:  Ron Saint Germain
Track 1. Rhythmic Movement by Tania Stavreva Track 3. Mouvement Rythmique, Op. 37, No. 6 by Pancho Vladigerov Track 6. Danza del Gaucho Matrero, from Danzas Argentinas, Op.2 by Alberto Ginastera Track 9. Jazz Concert Etude Toccatina, Op. 40, No. 3 by Nikolai Kapustin Track 10. The Dark Side of the Sun by Tania Stavreva Track 11. White Lies For Lomax by Mason Bates Track 13. "Dilmano, Dilbero" Variations on a Bulgarian Folk Song, Op. 2 by Alexander Vladigerov Track 14. Ritmico y Distorsionado by Alberto Ginastera, with guest artist Will Calhoun on drums

Frank Piombo
Verona, NJ
Album: "Keep It Movin'" (Jazz)
Producers: Frank Piombo, Joey Arminio, Tom Jacobsen
Keep It Movin', Al dente(Tino's Theme), Sunset Beach, Middle Of The Night, Rush Hour Funk, Sogno D'Amore, Easin' Up (Remix), Keep It Movin' (Vocal)

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