Odessa, MO
Album: "W.O.R.L.D. P.E.A.C.e.?" (Easy Listening)
Songs: Black-Water, Vibration of Mother Earth, Water is a Life, Turtle and Hare, Within Turmoil, Spiritual Soul, W.O.R.L.D. P.E.A.C.e.?
Producer: Ahwatukee Productions

Ryan Daniel
Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee
Album: "Back For More" (Contemporary Country)
Songs: Bring On The Night, Healing Water, Too Country For You, Hate Myself Tomorrow, Monterey, To Deserve You, Leave With Memories
Producers: Barry Best and Rich Herring

Danaë Vlasse & Mischa Lefkowitz
Winnetka, CA
Album: "Solstice" (Classical)

Songs: 1) Solstice Serenade,  2) Nocturne-Meditation, 3) Berceuse Pour Beau, 4) Nocturne Pour Caline, 5) Trois Chansons for Violin & Piano: I, 6) Trois Chansons for Violin & Piano: II, 7) Trois Chansons for Violin & Piano: III, 8) The Sea
Producer: Danaë Vlasse

Big Mess
Palos Verdes , CA
Album: Midlife Crisis (Alternative)
Songs: My Name Is Jack Cool City, Midlife Crisis, I Saw Your Suzy, Pete Spratt's Tavern, Chelsea Jeanne, Whiskey On The Rocks Jimmy
Producers: Chad Carrier and Paul Roessler

Temecula, California
Album: "Voice of the Ancestors" (New Age)

Songs: 01 Transcendent Soul 02 The Banteay Srei Temple 03 Guardians Of Goddess Thien Hau 04 Voice Of The Ancestors 05 Peace Prayer A Cappella 06 Peace Prayer 07 Ambient Meditation 08 Peace Prayer (Short Version)
Producer: Grayhawk David Gibney

Sangeeta Kaur
Venice, CA
Album: "Mirrors" (New Age) 
Songs: 1. Bring it Down 2. Dust in the Wind 3. I'm Not Gonna Break 4. Adoro Te Devote 5. Mother Earth 6. If Time Stood Still 7. Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation - To Make the Impossible, Possible 8. Thank you

Producers:  Nicolas Neidhardt, Sangeeta Kaur

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