Sunday April 22, 2018

Each year, hundreds of artists and guests from all around the world attend the Indie Music Channel Awards, 
​and we are extremely proud to host this year's awards ceremony at this legendary venue right in the heart of Hollywood!

Nominees to be announced Sunday March 19

To submit to perform live on stage at Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood

during the
​2018 Indie Music Channel Awards
Click Here"

Hollywood, California

Marina Ammouri

Stockholm, Sweden

Nominees to be announced Monday March 19

Some of the artists performing are:

Come hit the Red Carpet and celebrate with this year's Nominees at one of Hollywood's biggest hotspots!

To make your submissions for the 2018 Indie Music Channel Awards 
"Click" on any of the genres below:
(Submissions may be made in more than one category, 
and for "crossover" songs, submissions can be made in more than one genre)

2018 Indie Music Channel Awards 
​are being given in the following genres of music:


1) You (or your band) must be a current member of the Indie Music Channel.

2) All songs and/or videos being submitted for award consideration must be loaded
into each artist's (or band's) Indie Music Channel music and/or video player.

3) All songs being submitted must be placed at the top of the Artist's IMC music player so that the judges can find each of your songs easily.

4) Out of respect to the judges, please be sure to position your music player
in the center of your IMC page.  For info on how to reposition your music player, "
Click Here."

- Any song and/or video, regardless as to when it was created or recorded, CAN be submitted for awards consideration, as long as the song and/or video did not reach "Nominated" status
for one of the previous Indie Music Channel Awards ceremonies held in April.
Nominated songs from a previous year CAN be submitted in this year's awards in a music video category as long as the music video was not a nominated music video from a previous year.  Music videos featuring songs that were nominated in a previous year cannot be entered in a "song only" category in a future year.

- All songs that were entered in the 2017 Radio Music Awards ARE eligible to be entered into the
2018 Indie Music Channel Awards,
even if they were nominated for and/or won a Radio Music Award.

- Songs that were part of a Nominated Album during the 2017 Indie Music Channel Awards ARE eligible for individual submission for the 2018 IMC Awards, as long as the song(s) being submitted did not reach "Nominated" status for an individual award during the 2017 IMC Awards. (Best Song, Best Recording, etc.). 

- Entire albums that reached "Nominated" status during the 2017 IMC Awards
are not eligible to be submitted for the "Best Album" category for the 2018 IMC Awards, however songs from those nominated albums ARE eligible to be submitted, as long as the song(s) were not nominated for an individual award during the 2017 IMC Awards. 

 - Only original music, or music of which the artist has legal right to submit for award consideration, is eligible for submission.  No cover songs, unless they are in the
Public Domain, or unless the artist has signed licensing/legal rights to that song.

Here are some helpful tips on how to best make your submissions:  "
Click Here".

There is no need for artists to encourage their fans to vote for their submission. 
Whether you have a million fans, or just one, the judging process for the
Indie Music Channel Awards is done by a panel of music industry professionals (i.e., A & R reps, radio DJs, radio station Program Directors, Music Directors, Music Producers, etc.)
from around the world in the genres of their expertise.  Thus, all submissions are given equal consideration regardless of fan input.   

The Top 5 from each category will advance on to "Nominee" status,
from which the winner will be decided and presented the winning trophy
at the IMC Awards ceremony in April.  There is no additional submission fee for "Nominees"
to advance on to the final round of judging.

Also, this is not one of those "you must be present to win" kind of events.  While we strongly suggest that you come to the awards ceremony to network with fellow artists, industry professions, etc., awards can be mailed to winners who are unable to attend the awards ceremony in person
​(winner is responsible for postage & handling charges).

All submission fees are non-changeable and non-refundable.

BEST MUSIC VIDEO (produced for under $5,000)

By popular request, we will be holding this informative lecture series again this year!  
Hosted by Indie Music Channel founder Christopher Ewing, the IMC Artist Summit covers unique and creative marketing techniques to help indie artists take their careers to the "next level", as well as a "one-on-one" career consultation session with Christopher for each participant, and more!

IMC Artist Summit

"Red Carpet" arrivals

2018 Indie Music Channel Awards Presentation 

Performances by Indie Music Channel artists before, during and immediately following the awards presentation!​​


Helpful tips on how to best make your submissions:  
Click Here".

Darlene Koldenhoven

Los Angeles, CA

Submission Cost:

Suzanne Grzanna

Milwaukee, WI

(From left:  Suzanne Grzanna, Grant Maloy Smith, Kathryn Cloward, Nic Nassuet, Big Mess 
Thomas Claxton, TerryLee Whetstone, Preston Smith, Katie Garibaldi, Next Door To The Moon,
Chandler Juliet, Dennis Blair, Sam Hankins, Brooke Michelle, Ameera York)

and more!

IMC Nominees Reception

Saturday April 21   9am

Submit your music today!

Best Album    Best Teen Album

Thomas Claxton

Savannah, GA

features some of the BEST independent singers and bands from around the world!
We proudly recognize their outstanding talents by presenting the 

To make your music and video submissions for the
5th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards
"Click" on any of the genres below:

(Submissions may be made in more than one category,
and for "crossover" songs, submissions can be made in more than one genre)

Hollywood, CA

Submissions are now closed.

Nominees to be announced

Monday March 19

at the legendary

2018 Indie Music Channel Awards Ceremony

Kathryn Cloward

San Diego, CA

Submit Your Music

Winners to be awarded "Live - On Stage" at

Best Male ArtistBest Demo
Best Female ArtistBest Live Performance
Best Band or DuoBest Music Video
Best SongBest Producer
Best RecordingBest Teen Artist

Submissions are now closed.

Nominees to be announced

Monday March 19

Robot Nature

Los Angeles, CA

Come and party with some of the best indie artists from around the world!

Just some of last year's Indie Music Channel Award winners:

Saturday April 21  8pm
Indie Music Channel Awards Nominees Reception VIP Party

Special Awards
Special awards are also being presented in the following categories:

List of Nominees

Indie Music Channel Artist Summit
IMC Headquarters - Hollywood












During the awards, there will be "LIVE"  performances by 
some of the outstanding artists of the Indie Music Channel!


(*except for "Special Categories" where noted)

Schedule of Events

Travel Info

2018 Indie Music Channel Awards

are being given in the following categories in each genre:


2018 Indie Music Channel Awards Weekend




Indie Music Channel VIP party​​

BEST MUSIC VIDEO (produced for over $5,000)

Artist of the YearSong of the Year
Band of the YearProducer of the Year
Recording of the YearVideo of the Year
Demo of the YearAlbums of the Year

Best New Artist of the Year

Now thru March 12
​$35 per song or video submission

Schedule of Events












TerryLee WhetStone

Odessa, MO